Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about SaveTrip

What is SaveTrip

SaveTrip puts your travel tools in one place. We make travel research easy by helping you collect a wishlist of trip destinations while you browse the web.

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How much does SaveTrip cost?

SaveTrip is completely free!

How does SaveTrip work?

With SaveTrip you can browse and save vacation places directly to your account from articles, blogs or posts you see anywhere on the Internet.

Based on your interest profile, SaveTrip will make recommendations for your future trips. You will be guided through the process of finding locations, researching and planning for your next trip all through our easy-to-use interface and even have the option of syncing your vacation days from work so you know exactly when you can start your next adventure.

How SaveTrip is different from other travel services

Instead of sitting down to research at trip from start to finish, you can collect articles, listings or ideas on the web at your own pace and then check back to discover and remember trips. Instead of searching the Internet for points of interest, SaveTrip will easily store everything and filter recommendations about your location based on your interests, cost and more.

Can I share wishlists and trips with my friends?

With SaveTrip, you can add friends from your social networks and easily share your travel plans. Trips and wishlists can be made public or private, so you can browse trips people have created from all over the world.

Why should I use SaveTrip?

SaveTrip makes sure you don't forget that great article you meant to read about your next travel destination. Instead, SaveTrip makes sure all of the research you gather stays together so you can easily build out an itinerary.

As a lover of travel, you may have a number of locations you can’t wait to visit. Instead of having to pick and research them individually, SaveTrip lets you add wishlists of locations. Sync your work schedule and see when it makes sense for you to travel based on your number of vacations days.

When SaveTrip will be launched?

SafeTrip is launching at the beginning of 2015. Join our mailing list for the latest updates!